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Nicola Stephenson

Hi, I'm Nicola, and I am a registered nurse specialising in palliative care. Looking after people in this rewarding line of work allows me the unique opportunity to connect with people in their most difficult times.


Next year, I will have been a nurse for 25 years! The time has flown over and I have appreciated every second. I also have my own aesthetics business with my friend which has been established for 5 years. This has been a fantastic opportunity for us both to embark on something a bit different and do what we love.


Working as a nurse, I see firsthand the need for local charities and the difference that they make within the community. The demand for such charities is sad, but being able to help out in any way I can is a way of giving back to the local community. I feel very pleased and honoured to be part of Angel Trust and the work they do for the community, and I am excited to join the inspirational Board of Trustees. I am especially looking forward to upcoming events such as the Reindeer Run and the Tipsy Tea Party!


I know that I can make a difference and help those in need within our local community alongside Angel Trust!

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