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Luke Jones

Hello my name is Luke Jones, hairdresser and local business owner from Ferryhill, County Durham. 


Being born and raised in this small County Durham town means I have a massive  love and respect for our local area and the people in it.  With over 20 years in local hair salons, six of those years in my own salon, you quickly become a big part of the local community, and people’s lives within it.  This is  a position I have  never taken for granted, but with deep respect and appreciation.

As well as running and working in the salon, I am also a Drag Artist - "Queen" -entertainer, and part of the group "Tess Tickle and the Dragettes."   We have supported the Angel Trust on numerous occasions and helped bring much loved events such as Ladies Day, Tess on Tour and Tipsy Tea Party to name but a few.   As part of that show we are fortuitous enough to travel throughout the UK and  further afield , however our concentrated focus is most definitely  on County Durham and Darlington .  Our program allows us the opportunity  to meet people from all walks of life, to listen with empathy and compassion and when possible support their needs, here in the local community 

Charity work and community projects have always been one of my greatest interests and passions in life . Helping others and giving back, believe me , there is no better  feeling.  From a young age I was fortunate to have the experience of being involved in youth government programs, youth councils and local community projects.  That early life experience of support and giving back continues to this day. 


I have been an avid supporter and Ambassador of the Angel Trust  and the work they do from its initiation ,  a position that  I have taken as a great honour.
Over the course of my career, both in the salon and on stage, I have helped raised well in excess of one million pounds for local charities and causes.


 Each year  I offer my salon  to become a drop off point for the Angel Trust  Christmas Toy Appeal and Easter Egg Appeal.  Now as a Trustee I hope to take my contribution to the next level and look forward to being even more  heavily involved across the community. 

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