In the early morning of 11 November more than 3,000 bell towers across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland will ring out with the sound of “half-muffled” bells, like a slow march, in solemn memory of those who lost their lives.

Then, at midday, bell ringers at each tower across the UK will remove the muffles from the clappers and at about 12.30 they will ring open. “The national mood swings then to gratitude and gratefulness and thanks,. to those that served 

Before 1914 the vast majority of bell ringers in the UK were male, but the loss of so many men to war meant many more women took up the role. Today there are between 30,000 and 35,000 men and women bellringers in the UK, and still more are being sought for Armistice Day. The aim is that bells sound not just in the UK but across the world!

The British and German governments are encouraging other countries to ring bells at the same times in the same way, expressing the reconciliation of former enemies in sound. “Bells will ring out across the world to replicate the outpouring of relief that took place 100 years ago in  1918,  to mark the peace and friendship that we now enjoy between nations. 

The Angel Trust presented a cheque to the British Legion for £100 before their tribute window in the former McIntyre  store in Bishop Auckland . 

The store is currently a Christmas store  , however one of the windows has been dedicated to our fallen war service men and women .

On Sunday the Angel Trust are truly honoured  to  lay their own tribute at the Remembrance service in Bishop Auckland market place  

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