Making memories for 18 year old Jamie

Tue Apr 20 2021 23:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

What an honour it was to visit 18-year-old Jamie Dowson and his family to surprise them with an overnight stay in the Angel Trust Tree House. Jamie was diagnosed last year with Grade 4 Gioblastoma prior to his diagnosis Jamie was a fit, healthy young man, enjoying college, learning to drive and a weekend job at the local railway station.
One Saturday morning Jamie didn’t feel well and collapsed; they discovered the devastating news Jamie had a brain tumour. Jamie then had brain surgery followed by radio therapy and chemotherapy. Unfortunately, due to his treatment and shielding Jamie didn’t get chance to celebrate his 18th Birthday. We hope you can celebrate your Birthday in the Tree House with your family and make some amazing memories.
Clair Mcgregor visited Jamie with Ellie Anderson a volunteer at the trust. Clair commented “it was a very emotional visit, with neighbours recognising us and cheering before we rang the doorbell. Mam and dad crying as soon as they opened the door. It is a visit I will never forget, Jamie you’re a remarkable brave young man.”
It’s fantastic that Angel Trust can direct funds raised from the local community to create magical moments like this.