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Angel Trust Adopt Luxury Treehouse

Thu Apr 08 2021 23:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

For almost 3 years, our trustees have wanted to give our community a retreat, an escape, and a little indulgence. We thought maybe a caravan or a chalet, but then we unanimously decided we wanted to give you more! We at Angel Trust are super excited to reveal that not only have we secured a luxury getaway, but we have adopted our very own luxury treehouse at Ramside Hall Hotel, to be used by members of our community that are in need of a break. Our board of trustees will carefully select from applications made for a family/group to take a well-deserved break in The Angel Trust Treehouse. Applications may well be a family that is going through a difficult time, or this accommodation could pose as respite from whatever difficulties someone is currently facing, or maybe you know someone who has gone above and beyond and really deserves some ‘me time’ to show their efforts have not gone unnoticed. The Angel Trust Treehouse will allow people to take time out and look after themselves! This could be to prevent becoming tired, exhausted, and run down, but could also be used as a family bonding experience to spend much needed time away with their loved ones. We at Angel Trust truly want to give back the very best we can, and adding a luxury Treehouse as an escape for the people of our community is definitely something to be proud of! Please contact us if you would like to submit an application form by emailing or calling us on 01388737270.

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