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Kathryn Mortimer

I am a HR and Business Consultant with over 25 years’ experience working with businesses across the region. Through my work I also support the local community with help around finding employment and do this on a volunteer basis.  I am very passionate about helping people understand the different pathways available to them and for them to understand that they can be the best the can be with the right encouragement, guidance and aspirations.  I am also an active member in my local Town Team supporting them to bring the community together.  I have a huge interest in mental health and wellbeing and have successfully introduced and managed programs with in various business sectors to support employees.


I am absolutely humbled and feel privileged to be a Trustee for the Angel Trust.  I am very much looking forward to contributing as much as I can to the charity and supporting those across our community. To be able to be part of something that has such a significant impact on people’s life is amazing.

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