Putting together a successful 'flash mob' dance takes coordination, skill, practice, and weeks of preparation. The group called themselves "the Angel Trust Secret mission " and over a period of three and a half weeks met in secret at different locations across the County, speaking only about the task     ahead in a Facebook group chat in order to establish time, venue and location for each rehearsal. The performance routine was enhanced with extra moves, and steps each week by our choreographer and tutor Megan Conway who always made it look so easy, until we tried to deliver those same agile moves!!

All the ladies were sworn to secrecy and each of us had copies on our phones to practice in secret in our bathrooms, kitchens anywhere in fact as long as it was a secret!

On the actual ladies day believe me as the time drew closer in that Hardwick marquee ,the Imodium was flowing !!! nerves were tense, mouths were dry ......................and then the music started!  OMG!

From every corner of the marquee, we joined the professional dancers, to deliver the performance of our lives.

Our friend's, colleagues, mothers and daughters were momentarily shocked at the jaw-dropping performance before them ....that rapidly changed into cheers and lasting applause . " yes ladies all those tears, tantrums and fears of failure " were dispelled in a heartbeat, 

We had pulled it off! 


Enjoy our 5 minutes of fame in the video that follows,

OH ...and by the way ......... Hugh Jackman if you are watching, we are available if you need us for any future promotions !!!! please contact us.

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