Angel Trust has immense pleasure in granting funding in the sum
of £750 in response to the following application:-

I am writing to you with regard to a grant application on behalf of my daughter Kate Johnson. 


Kate has born on 27th February 2009 normally but after 2 weeks contracted streptococcus b which led on to meningitis. We spent months and months in hospital in Newcastle in her early months trying to save Kate's life, control the infection and minimise the damage. Unfortunately as the years passed, whilst Kate did survive the damage has to her brain has been huge, and this has of course to led many other conditions as a consequences of this. Kate can't walk, can't talk, can't eat, is half deaf , has limited vision and is on oxygen 24/ 7. She is under a palliative care pathway.


She has been on the brink of death more times than I remember. I have lost count how many days we have spent in hospital , and how many times the doctors have said she isn't going to make it but miraculously  Kate has pulled through and we have gone through another, relatively nice summer.


My wife Emma is most keen to take Kate to the Roman Catholic shrine of Lourdes in France in Kate's lifetime, with Kate and her grandma (my mother) coming as well to help with Kate's extensive care . It would give us all great comfort to be able to take her to this most sacred place which is renowned for its therapeutic positive effects on the sick. It's something we could never do on our own as we don't have a jumbulance  and Kate cannot fly. We are getting to a time of her life where there is little that can be done medically, and we are trying to give her as many positive experiences as we can in the time she has left. 


We of course absolutely adore Kate and provide her but the highest quality care we can  but I work full time as a teacher and Emma cannot work at all due to looking after Kate. So unfortunately the cost is too high for us to be able to afford . The cost would be 750 per person for ten days including medical insurance . The medical insurance for someone like Kate of course, by itself would be prohibitively expensive. So 2250 for the three of them to go. Kate was go on a custom built jumbalance bus with a company called across ( )so that the sick can go comfortably on beds on the long journey with all of the necessary infrastructure (e.g. Oxygen, pressure relieving mattress etc) available on board , whilst the able bodied carers , nurses etc sit in normal coach seats on the other side of the bus. 


I appreciate this is a lot of money , and I am applying to a number of charities to raise this. But we feel this will be worth it for the positive effects on our family. If you could help we would be most grateful. I have attached a number of pictures of Kate with her loving family . 


Your faithfully 

Stuart Johnson

Kate’s father

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